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Police: Charges sought for 3 football players in De La Salle alleged hazing incident

Sarah Rahal   | The Detroit News

Warren — Warren police submitted warrant recommendations for three varsity football players in connection with allegations of hazing at Warren De La Salle, officials said.

Warren Police Commissioner Bill Dwyer said Friday the recommendations were submitted to the Macomb County Prosecutor's Office for three football players, ages 18, 16 and 16. At the time of the alleged incident the 18-year-old was 17, he said.

"We are finalizing the findings from our investigation and recommending charges, but it's up to the prosecutor to decide," he said Thursday.

Dwyer also told The Detroit News the three students have been suspended indefinitely.

Officials said the alleged hazing involved sexual threats with a broom. There was no follow through with penetration, Dwyer said.

He said police investigators attempted to interview all 69 of the high school's football players and six members of the faculty.

Investigators were not allowed to speak to 15 of the players because their parents denied police requests for interviews, the police commissioner said Friday. Four of that group advised police they have attorneys. 

The three male athletes for whom police submitted warrant recommendations Friday did not cooperate in the police investigation, according to authorities.

"They were very hesitant to give background on what happened, and that's disappointing," he said. "Not quite satisfied with the way the parents reacted in letting us talk to their sons."

He said school officials have been cooperative in the investigation after the incident was brought to their attention Oct. 31 following the cancellation of the state playoff game.

"Hazing is a major concern around the country, but as far as Warren Police, I've assigned investigators to interview everyone. School officials cooperated even though it was very disturbing to them and something that's embarrassing to the school," he said.

School officials did not immediately respond for comment Thursday.

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