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Car Radio, Podcast 29, Pts 1/2: Denker on Detroit GP, Car of the Year semis, Carvana vending, VSCDA racing, Cal mandate, GT350, Acura TLX

Henry Payne   | The Detroit News

Car Radio, October 3, 2020

Interview Schedule

00 min: Payne intro

05-20 min: Call-in with Lauren Fix, Car Coach Reports, and Lindsay Brooke, SAE Publications Editor. Talking NACTOY semifinalists.

20: Ad break

20-40: Call-in with Robin Warner, Managing Editor, Autoweek. Talking Ford Mustang GT350 final run and Acura TLX. 

40-55: Call-in with Jeff Poracik, racer. Talking S2 vintage racing and Raymond James Enduro. 

55: Ad break

1-1.20 hr: Call in Amy O’Hara, Carvana Comm Chief. Talking Carvana’s new “vending machine” in Novi. Cell #: (602) 295-1902

1.20: Ad break

1.20-1:40: Call-in with Bud Denker, President, Penske Corp. in Indy for Harvest GP and Stephen Cole Smith, Autoweek race reporter, to talk about new 2021 Detroit Grand Prix, double-weekend format.

1.40-1.55: Call in with James Taylor, Heartland Institute. Talking California ban on new gas car sales by 2035. 

1.55: END