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Green Room podcast: MSU grad Mario Impemba on dream jobs, Tigers, future plans

The Detroit News

Matt Charboneau and Tony Paul talk to Michigan State graduate Mario Impemba about his start in broadcasting, dream jobs, highlights with the Tigers, moving on from the Rod Allen incident and looking forward to his next job.

Here are some of the highlights from Episode 28 of the Green Room:

2:00: Mario Impemba at Michigan State (1981-85)

5:00: Fencing was first assignment 

11:40: Intensity of Indiana's Bobby Knight

13:40: First interview with Tom Izzo

15:00: "Tough sledding" in first semester

20:30: Getting into the media business

22:40: "Yankee" gets first job in Texas 

26:30: Play-by-play in Peoria

30:30: Big break with the Angels

34:10: From radio to TV broadcasts

36:00: Tigers' audition at TV studios in Troy

41:20: Two World Series appearances

43:10: Armando Galarraga's near perfect game

46:00: "Still anger" about the Rod Allen incident

47:30: "The voice of my summers"

48:50: Calling a Final Four would "be a dream"

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